The Mental Health WITHOUT Jail Petition

On April 21, 2018, Justice Matters launched the "Mental Health WITHOUT Jail" petition drive. We have set a goal to collect 4,400 signatures among registered voters before June 15, 2018.

Please NOTE: due to Kansas law, this form only lets us know we need to send someone to you to get your signature in person, which we will. Simply give us the information requested and someone will contact you. For a copy of the full ballot language, click here

The "Mental Health WITHOUT Jail" petition drive has three goals:

  1. Separate the issues – Puts on the November ballot measure, funding for the proposed mental health crisis center and supporting services, detached from the jail expansion
  2. Exclusive use of funds – Guarantees revenues raised will be used only for the mental health center and services and won’t be diverted to other projects or county expenses
  3. Renewal for accountability – Requires renewal among County Commissioners to ensure funds are leading to successful outcomes


of a 4,400 contact to get signature goal

Will you sign?