Proposed Ballot Language for Crisis Services

Shall the following be adopted? Shall Douglas County, Kansas (the “County”),be authorized (1) to increase the county property tax levy at the amount of 3.5 mills for the exclusive purpose of constructing, or refurbishing and furnishing, a building as well as equipping such building to serve as a mental health crisis center, and paying the operating and support service expenses thereof (hereinafter “the Project”), the collection of such property taxes to commence on January 1, 2020 and shall terminate fifteen years after its commencement; and (2) issue general obligation bonds (hereinafter “the Bonds”) of the County to pay all or a portion of the capital costs of the Project, related to interest costs during construction and insurance costs; provided that the County receive, prior to the issuance of the Bonds, a comprehensive feasibility study that indicates the revenues to be received from the property tax increase will be sufficient to retire the Bonds without the necessity of levying any ad valorem taxation?