-December 4, 2021: Research Kickoff. Members will gather in teams for each of our issue areas. We decide which questions we would like to answer during the research process & brainstorm what community stakeholders we should meet with. 

-April 7, 2022: Solutions Briefing. 6:30-8pm, First Presbyterian Church. After 5 months of citizen-led research, we gather to learn the proposed solutions and begin the process of mass mobilization.

April 28, 2022: Action Assembly. 6:30-8pm, Douglas County Fairgrounds. We assemble 1,000+ people to show broad public support around issues of justice. We present well-researched solutions to public officials.

-June 13, 2022: Celebration. 6:30-8pm, Location TBD. We gather to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization and invest in our future together. 


Use this link to add these assemblies to your virtual calendar. RSVP for any of these events by contacting your team leader. If you do not yet have a team leader, call us at 620-755-4874 or email us at [email protected], and we'll get you on a team.