Stories from Justice Matters' Fall 2021 listening process highlighted that too many older folks in our community feel warehoused, mistreated, and isolated. Many of the concerns were surrounding the cost & conditions of care. One woman shared that her doctor had recommended she begin to look for a place in an assisted living facility. However, even if she sold her house, she would only be able to afford a year and a half in one of the more reasonably priced facilities. What happens when the money runs out? Another woman shared that in her stay at a local assisted living facility, she was forced to wait on the toilet for nearly an hour in the middle of the night, because no matter how many times she called for help, no one came to help her back to bed. And we heard a multitude of stories about older folks just not being able to scrape together the money to make ends meet, having to go back to work, or worrying about burdening their families. At our Community Problems Assembly on October 28th, Justice Matters Members voted overwhelmingly to tackle issues of eldercare. 


Through our upcoming research process, we will meet with community stakeholders to help us understand the depth & breadth of the problem, and understand potential solutions. If you would like to join this research team, please contact your team leader. If you do not know who your team leader is, please email [email protected]