When August 24, 2015 at 6:45pm 1 hr 15 mins
Contact Ben MacConnell [email protected] (785) 841-2680

We want to take the city by storm during the month of October with 115 small group discussions about affordable housing, crisis stabilization, and childhood trauma. This focus will make our house meeting agendas very different from last year. It will be important that each house meeting is conducted well if we are to build the grassroots power to finally succeed on an affordable housing trustfund and crisis stabilization center. So, we are asking several individuals to assist in the training of hosts.

The House Meeting training will take place on September 17 from 6:30 - 9 pm. This event - on August 24th - is for those who will assist at the training on September 17th by leading a table discussion. Ideally, we would have 28 table leaders trained to assist others on the 17th. We are calling on the following key leaders to help:

  • Leah & Austin Finkeldei
  • KimLuce
  • Sandy Heacock
  • Steve Yoder
  • Rose & Gary Schmidt
  • Steve Dresbach
  • Virgil Dean
  • Ann Hossler
  • Jason Koepp
  • Mary Baskett
  • Rev. Eleanor McCormick
  • Barbara Palmer
  • Sara Taliaferro
  • Pat Lechtenberg
  • Angie Blair
  • Chelsy Larson
  • Judy Lewis
  • Rev. Randy Weinkauf
  • Pastor Kathy Williams
  • Ralph Planthold
  • Bev Bartscher
  • Justin Wade
  • Randy Krehbiel
  • Pastor Ted Mosher
  • Bill Wood
Will you come?