Research Kickoff

All three research working groups with Justice Matters will come together for an evening of training on December 8. If you are interested in serving with the mental health, homelessness, or childhood trauma/resilience groups, plan to attend! 


December 08, 2015 at 6:45pm - 8:45pm


Immanuel Lutheran Church at 2104 Bob Billings Parkway


Stacey White Leslie McCleary Charlie Hunt Richard Angeletti Edith Guffey Karen McIntyre Hunt Ashley Coles Babak Mardan Doost Nickie Daneke Steve Ozark Jeanine Morton Mindy Downs Debra Stevens Jean Drumm Gary Schmidt Chelsy Larson Michelle Ward Pam McDermott Juda Lewis Sarah Freese Ruth Entwistle Monte Soukup Mary Baskett Laurie Kallenbach Gena Leslie Dianne Schwartz Andrea Heffernan Barbara Palmer Janet Prestoy Ruth Herman Dennis Constance Dee Miller Sonya Knudson Patricia Lechtenberg Bill Wood Ashley Thornton

Will you come?

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