When August 27, 2015 at 6:45pm 1 hr 30 mins
Where Velocity Church Office 409 12th St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States
Contact Ben MacConnell [email protected] (785) 218-0941

Justice Matters has several critical things to discuss at our next Board Meeting:

  1. The success/areas of growth in our Investment Drive Campaign
  2. Plans to advance our issues on affordable housing, mental health, and childhood trauma
  3. The calendar of events for the 2015-16 organizing cycle (listening, research, action, investment drive)

Please review materials in advance and be present and engaged. Invited Board members include:

  • Rev. John McDermott, Co-President
  • Fr. Mike Scully, Co-President
  • Rev. Verdell Taylor, Vice-Co-President
  • Rev. Kathy Williams, Vice-Co-President
  • Rev. Justin Jenkins, Recording Secretary
  • Rev. Mary Newberg-Gale, Corresponding Secretary
  • Rev. Randy Weinkauf, Treasurer
  • Rev. Mick Murray, Antioch Church
  • Leah & Austin Finkeldei, Eastlake
  • Kimberly Luce, Eastlake
  • Sandy Heacock, First Baptist
  • Steve Yoder, First Baptist
  • James Hilliard, First Christian
  • Marylee Southard, First Christian
  • Grafton Laughlin, First Presbyterian
  • James Rumsey, First Presbyterian
  • Bill Mayhew, First UMC
  • Rose Schmidt, First UMC
  • Steve Dresbach, Good Shepherd
  • Virgil Dean, Immanuel Lutheran
  • Ann Hossler, Immanuel Lutheran
  • Hamideh Gerami, Islamic Society of Lawrence
  • Rev. Jami Moss, Lawrence Indian UMC
  • Neil Salkind, Lawrence Jewish Community Center
  • Jason Kidd, Morning Star
  • Jason Koepp, Morning Star
  • Susan Rieger, Peace Mennonite
  • Mary Baskett, Plymouth Congregational
  • Barbara Palmer, Plymouth Congregational
  • Rebecca Chavez, St John's Catholic
  • John and Loretta Chavez, St John's Catholic
  • Patricia Lechtenberg St John's Catholic
  • Angie Blair, St Margaret's Episcopal
  • Chelsy Larson, Trinity Lutheran
  • Steve Ozark, Trinity Lutheran
  • Sarah Heinen, Velocity Church
  • Judy Lewis, Velocity Church
  • Rev. Leo Barbee, Victory Bible


Will you come?