Jubilee Celebration

On June 10, we'll come together to celebrate all that has been accomplished in the past year! 

Our Celebration event is kid-friendly! You can expect: 

  • 6:00-7:00: SnoCones, a Cake Walk, a "Dunk the Pastor" booth, and a Bouncy Castle 
  • 7:00-8:00: Adult program starts (with free childcare provided for the kids) 

What do we have to celebrate? 

  • Securing funding ($4.9 million annually) for a mental health services in our community, including: 
    • Construction of a 24/7 Crisis Center 
    • Detox and stabilization services 
    • Supportive and transitional housing 
    • Mobile crisis teams 
  • A community leader—District Attorney Charles Branson—who is openly advocating for expanded used of incarceration alternatives 
  • A School Superintendent—Dr. Anthony Lewis—who has stated that restorative practices would fit into the five-year Strategic Plan that the School District is developing 

June 10, 2019 at 6:00pm - 8pm


First United Methodist Church - West Campus


Joni Fornelli Ethel Monique Warren Barbara Kessler Leah Larson Carola Ratzlaff Howard Harris Pamela Neill Laurie Bottenfield Dwight Jackson Susan Rieger William Bolin Dennis Constance Carrie Wallace Allison Haworth Sylvia Scoby Graham Kreicker Carolyn Johnson Hamideh Gerami Rachel Lyle Margie Dyck Peggy Williams Mari White Merlin Halverson Joanna Harader Virgil Dean Cynthia Eubanks Becky Foerschler Mickey Hanna Ruth Entwistle Julie Crowe Rick Mullen Steve Dresbach Barbara Palmer Brian Wolfe Kirsten Kuhn Mary Hopson Jane Hoyt April Parfitt Monte Soukup Deb Boatright Paula Bremer Mary Hertach Kelly Smith Dan Petersen Nicole Guthrie Larry Bensch John Meiers Cathy Crispino

Will you come?

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