Justice Matters - Current Issues


Affordable Housing  >  Child Welfare  >  Mental Health  

Every year, Justice Matters will: (1) proactively listen to the concerns and vision for our city among its many residents, (2) vote to select priorities, (3) research the underlying challenges we face and solutions that work, (4) create the public will to enact improvements at system-wide levels through the power of organized people, and, (5) monitor results to ensure the improvements are realized. 

In October, 2014, Justice Matters conducted 108 house meetings and canvassed trailer parks and residential neighborhoods to identify its first priorities. Over one thousand Lawrence residents met in small groups to discuss life in the city. Twelve distinct themes emerged.

On November 10, 2014, an assembly of 450 Justice Matters members voted to focus on Affordable Housing, Child Welfare, and Affordable Housing/Homelessness. 

Separate working groups formed and trained to research these three areas. They expect to develop focused, system-wide proposals to be presented and negotiated among relevant officials at the Lied Center on May 7, 2015.