When September 22, 2018 at 9:00am 3 hrs
Contact Ben MacConnell [email protected]

Over the last four years, people of faith have started a dialogue about the very nature of certain systems in our city.

Organically, we have yearned for systems that heal and restore. And we have grown weary of those systems that lean toward punishment and exclusion:

  • With a mental health system that transports the sick to other cities or allows those who are sick to end up in jails, ERs, homeless, and in shelters, we call for treatment.
  • With a jail that has increasingly locked up people at a rate three times the general population, we call for deep understanding and reform.
  • With public schools where brown and black children are suspended three times their white counterparts, we call for alternative discipline practices that restore and keep kids in schools.

Superman will not rescue us. But like Moses at the burning bush, God has promised us great things and calls us into action.

This training is to equip Team Leaders to organize others through Sacred Conversations to build a "Restorative Community" in Douglas County, Kansas. Please join us. If you have questions, call: Ben (785) 218-0941. Free childcare will be provided on-site.

Will you come?