When March 03, 2017 at 10:00am 1 hr
Where Adobe Connect
Contact Ben MacConnell (785) 218-0941

The following DART Organizers are asked to join one of two webinars in preparation for the Investment Drive Module:

  1. Haley Grossman
  2. Holly Holcombe
  3. John Aeschbury
  4. Rob Sievert-Wagner
  5. Clarissa Epps
  6. AnnMarie Silveria
  7. Greer Aeschbury
  8. Jacqueline Nye
  9. Jennifer Ruglio
  10. Megan O’Brien
  11. Ryan McBride
  12. Virginia Donnal

We will prepare you to lead a small group practice session focused on Team Members asking their Justice Network Members to invest in the organization. John Aeschbury along with several members of the Congregation Drive Committee will lead the preparation.

To join the webinar, go to: http://thedartcenter.adobeconnect.com/module_prep/

Also, during the webinar, please call: (641) 715-3272 and provide the following code: 570119



Will you come?