Board of Directors Orientation

Justice Matters' Board of Directors and Executive Committee members will be given an orientation from the Executive Director of the DART Center, regarding the function, purpose, responsibilities of the Board of Directors. As a prelude, Board Members are encouraged to preview the relevant items from organizational by-laws, which include: 

The Board of Directors shall build a culture of accountability and results-orientation throughout the organization.

Section 1. Voting members of the Board of Directors shall consist of:
a. The Executive Committee members;
b. Up to two designated representatives from each member congregation

The specific functions of the Board and its members are:

  1. To build a powerful Justice Network in their respective congregations;
  2. To develop and drive the organization’s strategic plan;
  3. To ensure that the organization does not receive funding from the following sources: governmental entities, political parties, and political action committees;
  4. To approve and implement recommended actions from standing committees;
  5. To confirm At-Large Members to the Executive Committee;
  6. To recommend the creation of new, or dissolution of existing, issue/action committees;
  7. To review and recommend changes to the dues formula every three years;
  8. To adopt an annual budget;
  9. To provide for the dissolution of the organization and the distribution of the remaining assets;
  10. To hire, supervise, and dismiss the Lead Organizer (other staff will be hired, supervised, and dismissed by the Lead Organizer with consultation from the Board as needed), and;
  11. To conduct other business as may be directed by Justice Team or Network Assembly.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least six times per year.

There shall be the following standing committees of the Board of Directors:

  • The Finance Committee shall develop an annual budget and fund raising plan for Justice Matters, including the annual investment drive, annual membership dues and grant applications. The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member of the Finance Committee.
  • The Personnel Committee shall develop and regularly review personnel policies to ensure compliance with all relevant non-discrimination laws. The Personnel Committee will also assist the Board to regularly evaluate the Lead Organizer’s performance with assistance from the DART Center. The Lead Organizer will be responsible for employing and evaluating all other staff with Board and Personnel Committee consultation.

Issue/action committees shall research and develop winnable solutions for Action and shall monitor implementation of community improvement. They shall dissolve when such goals have been achieved or at the discretion of the Board.  All issues shall be approved by the Board of Directors or the Justice Team Assembly according to the following criteria:  popular, winnable, unifying, and builds the organization.



August 24, 2016 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Circle S Ranch
3325 Circle S Ln
Lawrence, KS 66044
United States
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Ben MacConnell ·


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