Affordable Housing in Lawrence:

We did it! You. Me. All of us.

In spite of nearly 30 years of failed attempts before us and focused opposition, our city voted YES! to make affordable housing a reality in Lawrence, Kansas!

Who did this? You! Me! All of us

Together, over the last three years, we:

    • Demonstrated the will by attending our Nehemiah Assemblies en masse
    • Resurfaced this concern in small group discussions
    • Conducted hundreds of hours of research
    • Invested financially to coordinate and communicate the issue
    • Organized, organized, organized
    • Prayed with our hearts, mouths, and feet
    • Called and educated voters, stuck a sign in our yard, went to the polls...

We want to congratulate you for your work and share our belief that there is much more to come for our city as we carry on the awesome task of doing justice together. 

Now we need to make sure great stewardship of this public funding promises to assist those who need it the most in the best way possible.