Restorative Justice

In Lawrence, a black student is twice as likely to be suspended and half as likely to be in a gifted or AP class as his white peers. The achievement gap is real and it can be reduced. Racial bullying by fellow students or teach­ers on staff doesn't have to be tolerated or hidden. Accountability, transparency, and restoration can be the rule rather than the exception.

Restorative justice programs in schools are spreading across they country. As an approach to school discipline and student-teacher relationships,it focuses on healing harm instead of simply dispensing consequences. It's been shown to reduce suspensions and improve academic outcomes for student s of color. It's a real al­ternative to  the status quo.

Click here to reserve your tickets and join Justice Matters on March 30th at 6 pm at the Lied Center for the 2017 Nehemiah Assembly, where we will call on our leaders to seriously explore restorative approaches to racial conflict and school suspensions.